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  • 1_odontolog_kjeve507 Saves loose teeth and jaws damaged by cancer Mar 18, 2014

    Periodontitis can cause teeth to come loose. Mandibular cancer can disfigure a face. With the aid of artificial, foam-rubber-shaped scaffolding, the body can be helped to repair the damage by itself.

  • 1_blaaskjell507 Quicker and cheaper toxicity checking of mussels Mar 7, 2014

    Mussels can cause serious poisoning. Current toxicity checks cost USD 2000 and take a week. A new method can provide an answer within a few hours and can cost as little as USD 35.

  • 4_la_salsa Salsa nationalism lives in Cuba Jan 2, 2014

    Cuban nationalism amplified by patriotic salsa rhythms replaced Marxist ideology when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russians went home.

  • 4_la_visepresidenter_chavez-nicholas-madurosh The vice president – coup leader on the government payroll Nov 28, 2013

    In many countries in Latin America, the vice president is the only one to benefit from the resignation of the president. This could be the source of the political instability in these countries.

  • 4_vitamin_hilde_nilsen Vitamins in a box: Can damage the body’s own defences Nov 26, 2013

    Each year, we spend billion of dollars on dietary supplements. New research indicates that vitamin pills may upset the fragile balance in our cells and thus cause more harm than good.

  • 4_dnakreft_myklebost Working towards a personalized cancer treatment Nov 12, 2013

    Extensive statistical analyses of the mutation distribution in several thousand cancerous tumours make it possible to find cures for types of cancer that cannot be treated today.

  • 4_silke507 Norwegian Vikings purchased silk from Persia Nov 4, 2013

    The Vikings did not only go West to pillage and plunder. Most of the silk found in the Oseberg ship may have been purchased by honest means from Persia.

  • 2-borrelia507 Classic microscopy reveals borrelia bacteria Jun 4, 2013

    A simple method has been found that tells people who have become seriously ill after a tick bite once and for all whether they have bacteria in their blood.

  • 2_polyglotta507 Tracing the wisdom of the world Jun 4, 2013

    To be able to communicate the content of the philosophy of Aristotle, the mathematics of Euclid and the message of the Bible, translators have created a wealth of new words and concepts that previously did not exist. A database of historically important texts and their translations – developed at the University of Oslo – is now being used by researchers all over the world.

  • 1_energi_vindmoller_500 Windmills at sea can break like matches Feb 26, 2013

    Medium-sized waves can destroy wind turbines at sea, causing them to break like matches. Mathematicians are trying to explain why.



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