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  • beregninger_compressedsensingny Medical radiation may be reduced to one-sixth Jan 26, 2015

    One of this century’s most significant mathematical discoveries may reduce the number of measuring points to one-sixth of the present level. This means reduced exposure to radiation and faster medical imaging diagnostics.

  • 4_mo_libanon1 Sacred sites in Southern Lebanon are losing their value Dec 2, 2014

    Several sacred sites in Southern Lebanon have been lost as a result of the country’s many conflicts. This has created sharper dividing lines between the various religious groups in the region.

  • 4_jernalder_kjortel_forsker Recreating clothes from the Iron Age Nov 26, 2014

    A few years ago, the oldest known piece of clothing ever discovered in Norway, a tunic dating from the Iron Age, was found on a glacier in Breheimen. Now about to be reconstructed using Iron Age textile techniques, it is hoped the tunic will inspire Norwegian fashion designers.

  • 4_roboter_forskere Using 3D printers to print out self-learning robots Nov 12, 2014

    When the robots of the future are set to extract minerals from other planets, they need to be both self-learning and self-repairing. Researchers at Oslo University have already succeeded in producing self-instructing robots on 3D printers.

  • 4_musikk_forskere Music will never be the same Nov 10, 2014

    Thanks to the smartphone and your own body movements, the music you hear can be different each time you listen to it.

  • 3_gliacelle The brain`s forgotten cells Oct 10, 2014

    For a long time, researchers have neglected the 100 million glial cells found in our brains, but that is no longer the case. Now they have discovered that the glial cells cleanse the brain of waste.

  • 3_gambia Dramatic drop in maternal Mortality in Gambia Oct 10, 2014

    Long-term research collaboration has helped reduce maternal mortality in the Gambia to less than half its previous level over 14 years. However, the country is still facing numerous challenges in terms of health.

  • 3_kikhullsoperasjon Cutting the liver piece by piece Aug 25, 2014

    New surgical methods give hope to patients with cancer that has spread from the intestine to the liver. The disease can be changed from terminal to chronic by cutting the liver piece by piece using keyhole surgery.

  • 3_lymfekreft_forskere Predicting aggressive lymphoma Aug 25, 2014

    Each year, more than one thousand Norwegians develop lymphoma. A statistical genetic analysis can detect when the disease will be aggressive. Thereby, treatment can be initiated in time.

  • 3_lungekreft_ct_forskere Lung cancer is rarely detected by current x-ray procedures Aug 25, 2014

    Each year, nearly 3000 Norwegians develop lung cancer. Current x-ray- examinations capture only 20 percent of cases. With modern ultralow-dose CT, the radiologists hit the bull’s eye 90 per cent of the time.



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